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Fish Aggregating Device

  • What Our Competitors Don’t Want You To Know

    Like a number of my crappie fishing friends, we were looking forward to going to Branson, MO this October, and meeting up for a good time at the Crappie Expo 2020. A trip to Branson meant a chance to see customers, catch up with a few friends, and hang out with the nation's top competing crappie anglers.
  • Fishing for Father's Day– Top 10 Reasons to Get Dad a Fish Attractor

    With Father’s Day just around the corner, you probably find yourself wondering what in the world you’ll get for your dear old dad. Dads are notorio...
  • Deck Out Your Dock for Kentucky Lake Fishing

    The waters of Kentucky Lake are teeming with a vast variety of freshwater fish that make the area the perfect backdrop for a great fishing experience. Known for bass and crappie, this lake region boasts a warmer climate, meaning fishing enthusiasts can work their rods and reels year round.
  • Top 5 Must Haves for Lake Life on Sam Rayburn Reservoir

    Every fishing enthusiast in the Lone Star State knows about the Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Here's a list of must-take items for your trip, including an American Fish Tree fish aggregator.
  • Does Sanding the Surface of a Fish Attractor Make a Difference?

    We are often asked about texturing and a blog provides a good forum to give it a complete and thorough answer. So the question: Does texturing the ...
  • American Fish Tree - Making the Very Best Fish Attractor & Fish Habitat Structure Money Can Buy

    American Fish Attractor & Habitat, LLC is located in Chattanooga, TN and is the manufacturer of the American Fish Tree fish attractor and fish...