Fish Love the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Buffet Served by American Fish Tree


Imagine fishing where instead of you searching for fish they come to you. You don’t have to imagine because you can build your own ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Buffet spot with the American Fish Tree artificial fish habitat attractor.

Buffets serve food in public areas where patrons serve themselves. American Fish Trees are similar, but the table is set with underwater biological growth (periphyton) over the 4¼-inch wide black limbs. Periphyton is a complex mixture of algae, heterotrophic microbes, cyanobacteria and detritus organisms that exist naturally and colonize almost all things underwater including American Fish Trees. However, the big advantage for using American Fish Tree habitat over other fish habitat devices is the canopy of shade these extra wide limbs produce. If surface area and shade were meant to attract forage and fry, then these solidly engineered PVC structures creating an aquatic smorgasbord for game fish.

“Typically Texas lakes and ponds are not very deep and without a lot of cover. That’s why our Texas Brush Pile series is so popular there; although they would be perfect for any shallow reservoir. They create abundant shade for game fish and surface areas for aquatic growth which brings in baitfish or bream,” said Matt Marsden owner of American Fish Tree (

 Original American Fish Tree habitat is 60-inches in height and popular with crappie anglers and owners of boat docks or piers adjacent to deep water. Marsden noted anglers wanted habitat that lasted a long time, was easy to put together, submerged without hassle, and did not require all day or a weekend doing it. His approach to making habitat structures is: keep it simple; create shade. The fact that they are snagless, assemble with ease, and last forever comes from Marsden’s 35 year experience in the industrial cooling and plastics industry.

Recently, Texas anglers had the chance to check out the American Fish Tree at this year’s Houston Fishing Show. “It was a good show, people got what we’re trying to do. We’ve had a number of orders go that way and really almost 80% of what we produce is shipping back to Texas on UPS or LTL carriers,” said Marsden.

Not all fish artificial habitat is created equally. In fact, American Fish Tree products are designed to be the fastest, easiest way to build and submerge. Literally, I can attest to how easy it is. Simply squeeze the limb and pass it through the tube: no mallets; screws; or glues required. I was able to put it together in 8 minutes. The rigid all PVC construction means they will last forever without becoming a decaying brush pile littered with hooks and lures.

New for 2021 is the Stump Series designed for shallow water habitat. The 30 inch structures allow anglers to place aquatic fish habitat in shallow areas where other habitat is not as effective to bring in game fish. “Real brush or trees will quickly disappear compared to American Fish Tree’s 100% PVC plus it takes a lot of time and effort into cutting, dragging and putting it out. With the stump series you simply assemble and submerge with something to anchor it in place like concrete blocks,” said Marsden.

American Fish Tree features 3 models of 100% industrial grade PVC fish habitat structures.

  • Stump Series is perfect for shallow water applications. Branches are available in 46-, 60- or 92-inches.
  • Texas Brush Pile is 48-inches in height that has wider, longer and denser 92-inch PVC limbs.
  • Original American Fish Tree is the largest attractor measuring 60-inches in height with 92-inch wide PVC limbs and designed for water depth 8-foot or deeper around docks, piers or offshore structure.

Pros that know:

  • Timmy Horton, TV Host, Professional bass angler and pond owner-“The first part of catching fish is knowing where they are in the water. By putting habitat like American Fish Tree in the water the food chain from biological growth to baitfish puts the big game fish where you can catch them; in addition to being snag-free,” said Horton.
  • Jimmy Houston, Legendary Pro Angler and TV Host-“The American Fish Tree fish attractors were so easy to put together. I did both of them myself and put them at the end of my dock; they are really neat,” said Houston.

So where do you want to fish? Out where you think fish are or where you have created your own ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet that’s loaded with aquatic organisms, baitfish, bream and game fish with American Fish Tree artificial fish habitat.

According to Marsden when it comes to American Fish Tree, “We’re about improving fisheries and making memories, so let’s go fishing”.