What Our Competitors Don’t Want You To Know

Like a number of my crappie fishing friends, we were looking forward to going to Branson, MO this October, and meeting up for a good time at the Crappie Expo 2020. A trip to Branson meant a chance to see customers, catch up with a few friends, and hang out with the nation's top competing crappie anglers. We were planning on having just an old-fashioned good time, especially at a time when there’s not a whole lot of good going on in the world. Unfortunately, our application to attend the Expo as a vendor was declined. An exclusive agreement was made with one of my competitors, which is odd since most expos are intended to showcase numerous products and brands from multiple vendors - all of who are working on moving the fishing industry forward.

The team at American Fish Tree always enjoys their time at shows like ICAST and the Bassmasters, shows that are all trying to grow the fishing industry against a downward trend in the national participation rate. We’re proud to share that we have received amazing feedback and affirmations about our quality product from attendees at these shows.  

Compare an American Fish Tree to competitive products in the marketplace, and you’re sure to notice the difference. We offer:

A Higher Quality Product that is made with heavier grade components and 100% PVC making sturdier in structure.

Plastics Manufacturing Experience. The AFT team has more than 30 years in industrial construction using engineered plastics. This experience gave us the insight necessary to create the fish attractor that is the best in the industry.

A Superior Design using both color, architecture, and technology to offer more shade and cover for attracting more fish.

A Simple Setup. Thanks to the components and design, our structure is engineered for easy setup, freeing you up to focus on the activity you love. Less assembling, more fishing!

Built to Last. Our exceptionally durable product is built to last 150+ years.  

We will miss seeing everyone at the Crappie Expo 2020, and wanted to let you know the reason we could not attend; however, we look forward to seeing you at ICAST and The Bassmasters. Be sure to stay in touch between now and then!

Meet Matt Marsden, Owner of American Fish Tree
Matt Marsden, owner of American Fish Tree, came to the realization back in 2014, after recovering from 6x bypass surgery, that there was more to life than a stressful corporate job that had him chasing clients and dollar signs. His road to recovery meant focusing instead on the things he really wanted to do. Thus was born the American Fish Tree.  

The AFT Team is confident that the American Fish Tree is superior by every definition, adding tangible value and worth in the fishing industry.  

Matt did not venture into this for mere profit. He got into this business because he knew he could make a real contribution, and has succeeded in doing so. “If I make a superior product and treat people right, the dollars will find me. And if they don’t, that’s alright too.” - Matt Marsden. 

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