American Fish Tree - Making the Very Best Fish Attractor & Fish Habitat Structure Money Can Buy

American Fish Attractor & Habitat, LLC is located in Chattanooga, TN and is the manufacturer of the American Fish Tree fish attractor and fish habitat structures.

We started the American Fish Tree in 2015 after having purchased several fish attractors and being completely dissatisfied with the quality and overall performance of the other brands.  We were motivated to make the best and easiest fish habitat and fish attractor then and the same is true today.  Our American Fish Tree is the only fish attractor and fish habitat structure engineered using self-sinking industrial grade PVC and our patented compression fit branch ensures an easy assembly experience.  After all, no one wants to be frustrated with retaining clips, wedges, sticky glues, or spending all day, when it comes to building and sinking a fish aggregating device.  We want to make the experience as easy as possible and simultaneously create a fish attractor and fish habitat structure that will withstand time.

The American Fish Tree is comprised of a schedule 40 PVC pipe (trunk mast) and intersecting 4.25" x 80 mil. rigid PVC branch arms.  The branch arms push through the pipe with hand pressure and stay in place because the width of the branch is greater than the ID of the pipe.  The combined life expectancy of both materials is greater than 100 years and neither component poses a threat to the environment.

In short, our design team has engineered an affordable 100% industrial grade PVC fish attractor and fish habitat structure that:

Is the easiest to assemble;

Provides an abundance of shade and cover for promoting aquatic life;

Is guaranteed to last FOREVER. 

So, if you are looking for the BEST (and not the cheapest) fish attractor and fish habitat structure in Quality, Engineering, and Performance - you found it - the American Fish Tree.

And yeah, the "other guy", the one that I had bought 2014 - they sued me and I WON! 

So Remember: More Shade, More Cover, More FISH!  --> American Fish Tree.

Tight Lines - Let's Go Fishin'