36" Poly Vertical Suspending (PVS) Cover Extensions

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Add NEW 36" PVS Cover to a Texas BrushPile 

PVS Cover Structures Suspend!

Add 36" Poly Vertical Suspending cover to a Texas BrushPile or a 5008 Fish Tree with new pipe extension.  Vertical structures add cover through the water column. Cut the poly tubing to your desired length and add  4' -  6' height to our 8' wide models. 

The pipe extension pipe is fabricated for 15 pieces of 3/4" polyethylene tubing SIDR 15 @125psi material. 

Note: the specified poly-tubing is not included with order;  purchaser to pick up required 100ft rolls of tubing at Lowes, Home Depot, Ferguson, etc..

75 - 100 ft of poly-tubing required per 30" pipe extension.

36" PVS pipe extension ships in same box with Texas BrushPile. 304SS hardware and lanyard attachment included.

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*for best results print 11x17