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About Our Fish Habitats

Our fish habitats are expertly crafted, built to last, and eco friendly. Let's go fishing!

The idea for American Fish Tree started in the summer of 2005, and our fish habitats were conceived.  I had been working in the industrial cooling tower industry for 17 years and I made a promise that I would not end up being a bitter old-man in the same job for the rest of my life.  My true passion was fishing but my angling skills were rusty and I had little time to afford it with a young family and a business run.  However, I recognized then that happiness meant finding a way combine my career with my Passion.

Fast forward to 2014 I found a fish habitat structure online that resembled ones I had seen before with cooling tower materials and I wondered, “What cooling tower guy was now making fish attractors”?  It had good reviews so I bought it.  In a few days the box delivered but after trying to assemble it I was completely disappointed. The first bar would not go in and broke. There was a small sandwich bag of clips and a trouble-shooting tip sheet of what to try next.  After about an hour I had two bars in, one broken, and nine more to go.  What???  This wasn’t right - I had seen better examples that fit together easier 30 years ago.

Well, I rested on it for about two days and knew that if I reached out to the right people I could make the best fish attractor habitat structure - period.  In short, my design team has engineered an affordable 100% industrial grade PVC fish habitat structure that: is easy to assemble; provides tons of shade and cover; and lasts forever.

So, if you are looking for the best PVC fish attractor in quality, engineering, performance and durability – you found it – the American Fish Tree.

And yeah, and the “other guys”, the one that I had bought in 2014 - they sued me and I WON!

Thank you for taking time to find our site and remember - life is good, stay positive, and let's go fishing.