Teach a Man to Fish. Lessons Learned in Nature with American Fish Tree

They say nature is the greatest teacher, and there are so many things we can learn from experiences in the great outdoors. Not only does time spent outdoors teach us a lot about wildlife and science, but it can also teach us a lot about ourselves. We can learn a lot about our own abilities, about survival, and even a little about peace and enjoying the simple things. If you live on or near the water, there are a lot of fun and interesting things you can learn and positive experiences you can cultivate with your children and families.

Through a curated introduction to the outdoors, children can learn about nature, wildlife, and even skills that can serve them recreationally in activities like camping, fishing, and more. They can develop a healthy sense of confidence through learning.

Fishing in particular is a great activity for kids for a slew of reasons. For one, it’s a great way to spend time together doing something outside without screens, enjoying each others’ company. It’s also a great way to teach kids about patience and reward, self esteem and resilience, and maybe even how to prepare and cook their catches.

All this being said, fishing is most fun when it’s fruitful, even more so when children are involved. No beginning angler ever wants to set a pole down after catching their first fish and at American Fish Tree we believe we can create this same excitement for all skill levels.

Our fish attractor habitats are designed to congregate fish and make them easier to catch, while at the same time, creating a home for small species to thrive. By placing American Fish Trees in ponds and lakes, we can introduce more people from different backgrounds into the sport by making the experience on the water more enjoyable and productive. Experiencing the joy of the outdoors at a young age pays dividends for later in life. This is especially true for fishing because the activity is relaxing, rewarding and revitalizing.


Recently, the Michigan United Conservation Club (MUCC) in Lansing, MI hosted an event for novice anglers as a part of their Outdoor Youth Camp. Eighteen participants and their families did more than bait hooks and tie knots, instead they assembled and placed five small Stump Series Fish Trees in their campsite pond. The goal of organizers was to educate campers on the importance of creating habitat and how artificial structures are now used for sustaining and expanding fisheries. The hands-on event centered on the kids and their parents building fish attractors together and the American Fish Tree brand was selected because our structures are easy to assemble, snagless, and last forever. From the pictures they shared it looks like the event was a big success.


You can create this same type of experience in your own neighborhood and communities by discussing options with your HOA, or with local wildlife conservation groups. There are millions of acres of water where habitat improvement is much needed and taking on projects like these is worthwhile today and for years to come. Find a variety of fish habitat sizes and options through our website, and start enjoying nature with your crew today.  Tight lines, fish on!