Building the Best Large Fish Habitat for Ponds, Lakes or Reservoirs

Make no bones about it American Fish Tree now has designed and built the best large artificial fish habitat structure. Based on the fact the new American Fish Tree’s Fish Cube XL and Sequoia covers over 1,550 cubic feet and easy to assemble design. Fish Cube XL and Sequoia is designed for individual consumers or local and state government agencies wanting a large fish habitat. 

The Fish Cube XL is a large base sanctuary built by interlacing longer and shorter patented limb branches to 4 five foot trunks holding the structure in a cube shape. Additional 62 ninety-two inch limbs are added to create the large fish habitat structure. No special skills or tools are required to assemble the Fish Cube by two people. Truth is state agencies don’t have enough manpower or money to organize and build large fish habitat structures that require employees or volunteers to construct. 

Once the Fish Cube XL is assembled the optional Sequoia 4 three foot top trunk tube extensions are attached by 2 hex bolts and Cube top brackets. Each trunk has 16 holes allowing for 3/4-inch polyethylene tube which is optional to be installed. Sequoia with a polyethylene tube will naturally stand up vertically once the structure is placed in water or a pond is filled.

There are 2 optional items that can be used as bases if desired for the Fish Cube XL. American Fish Tree Cast Iron Base or Anchor Bracket for concrete paver stone both can be attached easily and quickly.  

Structurally the Fish Cube XL and Sequoia ( when combined makes a large fish habitat structure where virtually all different species of fish can live year round. Predator species will be drawn to it as prey species utilize it for food and protection.  

 A well-placed Fish Cube XL and Sequoia can be used by anglers fishing from the shoreline, dock, piers or a boat. The structural design and patented wide limb design allow anglers to fish lures on the outside or inside; in addition to fewer hang-ups. Reducing hang-ups will keep the number of lures or fishing line from getting tangled within the structure itself compared to recycled Christmas trees that may have leftover ornaments and tinsel. 

Fishing lures like crankbaits or topwater lures will draw strikes as they are casted and retrieved next to or above the Fish Cube XL and Sequoia. If game fish are pulled in tight within the structure, lures like jigs or Texas rigged soft plastics can be used to entice them to bite.  Knowing the large structure’s location allows an angler to fish it and come back if the fish aren’t biting or cast different lures to get bites. 

Why buy American Fish Tree products? They are the only fish attractor and fish habitat structure engineered using self-sinking industrial grade PVC with patented compression fit wide limb branches ensuring easy assembly. American Fish Tree products are built in America by experts in design, engineering and construction of fish habitat structures for ponds, lakes and reservoirs. 


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This article was written by Brad Wiegmann

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