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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an American FishTree?

The American FishTree is a Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) i.e. a fish attractor.  The American FishTree will attract smaller forage fish, which in turn, attracts larger predator fish species.

What materials are used to make an American FishTree?

The American FishTree is constructed in 100% industrial grade black PVC.  Black PVC is inert and is environmentally safe.  Periphyton (aquatic organism) will colonize the structure within a few weeks establishing a foundation for an aquatic food-chain. 

How many American FishTrees should I consider buying?

We recommend grouping FishTrees in clusters of 2 - 3 or more to concentrate the action to a particular area.

How do I tie or suspend the American FishTree to a boathouse or dock?

At minimum, use 3/8" nylon anchor rope or light duty chain when tying off or suspending an American FishTree to a boathouse, dock, or pier.

Can fish hooks penetrate a FishTree?

No, the American FishTree is impenetrable to fish hooks.  If you get wrapped around the FishTree, use a 3/4 oz weight clipped to your line and "waggle" your lure off.

Do I need ballast or weight to sink an American FishTree.

No, PVC is heavier than water and will sink without weighting.  We recommend using concrete blocks to prevent FishTrees from moving in current.