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April 02, 2021

All website orders are shipped via UPS Ground.  Our contracted UPS Ground rates are based upon UPS' dimensional weight calculations and our Shipping Costs are not arbitrary.  Given the recent rise in fuel and transportation costs we are trying our best to treat Shipping as a pass through transaction.

UPS' dimensional weight calculation and the Additional Handling Fees for all packages longer than 48” impacts our popular 5005 Fish Tree, as well as, all of our 60” and 92” and models.

For example, UPS’ additional handling fees and fuel surcharges on our larger models can vary from $24 - $34 per box based on length (of box), weight and destination.

We want our Check Out process to be quick and convenient.  However, if you are turned off by the Shipping Cost, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss alternative means of delivery.

Thank you.


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