Hear What Customers Say About Our Artificial Fish Attractors

Impressed With The Design!

"I manage private lakes for several individuals. I was looking for a reliable source of man made cover or 'structure'. Three years ago I found American Fish Tree. Wow was I impressed with the design! They are simple to assemble, stand up to abuse and best of all they really attract and hold fish. I now use them in four of my lakes and will continue to utilize them as needed. Thank you for a great product."

- Chris Nischan, Rod And Gun Guide Service

Nothing Compares To This!

"Your product is absolutely the best I have seen. I have made and bought pure junk for years but nothing compares to this!!" 

-H. Sims, Livingston, TX

Will Recommend To Anyone!

"I have ordered 4 American Fish Trees and they’re doing their thing…bought a Mossback to see if there was a difference and safe to say I’m very disappointed! I’m afraid to even sink it… Your product is 200% better made. Hope to get a couple more before too long and will recommend them to anyone.”

R. Parson, Kaw City, OK

You Have A Winner!

“American Fish Tree your product is awesome! Produces very desirable habitat. We deployed them and can always expect them to hold crappie. Will be buying more – you have a winner!”

D. Haire, Austin, TX

They Last Forever!

“American Fish Trees are the perfect habitat attractor solution. They last forever… their construction and simple design just produces fish.”

P. Usrey, Professional Fishing Guide, Springdale, AK 

100% satisfied with this product

Having my own pond and owning a pond management business, I have installed many types of artificial structures from different companies including Mossback, Pond King, etc. I recently placed my first order from American FishTree and I am 100% satisfied with this product. They quickly attracted the bigger fish in my pond. They are by far the best quality of any other structures on the market. They are made with high grade industrial strength materials. The arms or branches are strong enough to hold the trees up without using cinder blocks. The big 5’x8’ model will be held upright from the strength of the arms alone. Other tree models I have used need cinder blocks to stand them up, they cannot stand up or be laid horizontally on their sides because their branches will break, they are not made with the high strength materials like the American Fish Tree models are. There is no comparison to the quality of American Fish Tree structures. They assemble in less than 10 minutes, the branches are 4.5"s wide with a deep center groove which allows algae to abundantly accumulate, the wide branches create plenty of shade, which attract fish. They are strong enough to either be placed horizontally or vertically. These structures attract very big fish due to the wide branches and the space allowed between the branches. Not only is the product itself top quality, the service and relationship you build with the owner and creator of American Fish Tree structures, Matt Marsden, is impressive. Matt really cares about his customers and product and will make sure the customer is satisfied. To be able to call Matt anytime and speak to him personally is really cool. He has really made everything about American Fish Tree easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend anyone needing artificial structure for habitat enhancement to call American Fish Tree, you will not be disappointed.

Ron A.,  Amazon

The cadillac of fish attractors

If you have a house on a lake. This is the cadillac of fish attractors. Hang it from your dock or sink it with a cinder block (like I did). Worth the $$. 5 stars for sure

Corene M.,  Amazon

Best fish habitats

My husband has used these for a few years and he loves them. We live in South Carolina and crappie fish a lot in the summer, these give the fish a place to go and hide from the busy lake. Amazing product and last forever.

Michelle H.,  Amazon

Fish love these structures

These fish structures really attract largemouth bass and forage fish. Have used the smaller version for several years. Looking forward to the eight foot model.

Book M.,  Amazon

Bait fish love them too!

We put a bunch of these in ponds and they are working great!!!

Katie,  Amazon

Love this product!

Amazing!!! Great fish habitation! Caught this large mouth bass - plus lots of crappie.

Lisa F.,  Amazon