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Forget about Christmas trees when it comes to aquatic habitat structures.

I love Christmas and everything about it, but live Christmas trees seem to be a thing of the past in most households. In years past, anglers would gather up Christmas trees after the holiday and sink them in reservoirs or ponds for fish attracting habitat. The solution to this declining aquatic habitat structure is American Fish Tree a product made from 100% PVC material shaped in a tree like configuration.

American Fish Tree on the Shoreline of Beaver Lake, Arkansa

American Fish Tree owner Matt Marsden knows the issues facing pond owners and anglers wanting to put artificial structure in ponds, rivers or lakes. “People are always contacting me about the importance of artificial habitat structure and how they can use American Fish Tree structures in their ponds or lakes. What I came up with American Fish Tree is a long term, permanent solution that’s constructed from 100% PVC material that will never breakdown. This addressed the issue of using Christmas trees or other materials that will decompose after a period of time,” said Marsden.

American Fish Tree - Beaver Lake, ArkansaPVC of course is a safe material and even used in a majority of homes across the United States for plumping. Built by a state of the art CNC CAD/CAM industrial machine every American Fish Tree ( is easy to assemble with its unique flex tension-fit design. Just pinch the branch arms through the trunk and pressure keeps the arms in place without needing mechanical fasteners, mechanical clips or solvent glues.

Forget about Christmas trees this year when it comes to putting in artificial aquatic habitat structure. Instead utilize a more permanent solution with American Fish Tree. For anglers it’s easy to assemble, sink and can even be attached to a boat dock.

Author: Brad Wiegmann Outdoors

Watts Bar Lake

Our friends love shooting the docks at Watts Bar Lake because the American Fish Tree artificial habitats that are placed there.  

Artificial Fish Habitat at Watts Bar Lake


Monster Crappie from Weiss Lake

Our buddy uses the model 5005 American Fish Tree for his favorite fishing spot on Weiss Lake in Alabama and caught a personal best 2.6 lbs. slab crappie.  A special thanks to Mark Collins at and Bill Hamlin at the Little River Marina and Lodge for a great day on the water.

If you want your catch posted here, send us an image along with the lake and what model American Fish Tree you are using.


Lake Weiss American Fish Habitat

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