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Artificial Fish Habitat Handle System

The American Fish Tree handle assembly is made from 1/4" 304 stainless steel coiled rod.  The light weight heavy duty patented handle allows for easy placement and portablity for all American Fish Tree stuctures.

Our handle assembly is a unique feature for fish attractors because it gives the fisherman complete control of the fish attractor.  The handle lets you:

  • Safely deploy the fish attractor in a contolled descend;
  • Move the fish attractor with changing water levels;
  • Suspend the fish attractor from docks and piers;
  • Mark or suspend the fish attractor with a floatation bouy;
  • Or take the fish attractor out of sevice.

Our patented handle design makes the American Fish Tree fish attractor the most versatile fish attractor -  for a lifetime.






Wildlife Conservation

We work with many agencies around the country when it comes to wildlife conservation.  Wildlife Agencies, Conservation Groups, and other non-Profit Organizations – Call (423) 886-7838 for special pricing information.