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Artificial Fish Habitat Comparisons

The American Fish Tree branch arms are the biggest and widest of any fish attractor on the market today.  Our branch arms are an extra wide 4 1/4" ensuring great cover and shade for predator fish, as well as, a wide surface area for algae accumulation.

Algae (periphyton) growth begins as soon as it is set because our PVC material does not contain any bio inhibitors commonly used in "white" PVC piping.  The large flat surface and deep center valley are magnetics for biomass and the growth will not "rub off". 

Tip: If you want to speed up the natural process of aquatic growth - cover the tree with pancake syrup or anything sticky and sweet. The freshwater organisms will devour the sugars and colonize the surface area quickly.

Compared to the others, the American Fish Tree is:

  • 5x greater than common 1/2" PVC pipe models;
  • 2.5x greater than the Other Guys.

In addition to having the greatest amount of surface area, the American Fish Tree branches are made of 100% rigid PVC which means they will never tear, split, lose shape or require mechanical retaining-clips.  No composite recyled plactics are used here.

Simply put, the American Fish Tree offers:

  • More Cover
  • More Shade
  • More Fish

The American Fish Tree has been approved for a US Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO has reviewed our product and compared it to other products in the industry and determined that our product is unique.  Our Patent: D757,369 with additional patents pending.

New Textured Trunk Option

We had several American Fish Tree customers ask for a Textured Trunk Option.  We listened and added this option to all of our American Fish Tree brand of Artificial Fish Habitats. Hand Sanded and Textured, each trunk is completely unique. 

American Fish Tree - New Textured Trunk Option - Available on all American Fish Tree Artificial Fish Habitats.

Wildlife Conservation

We work with many agencies around the country when it comes to wildlife conservation.  Wildlife Agencies, Conservation Groups, and other non-Profit Organizations – Call (423) 886-7838 for special pricing information.

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