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Branches of Artificial Fish Habitat

The branches of the American Fish Tree are superior in every way.  Our branch arms are rigid and made from 100% PVC material.  The extruded 80 mil. branch arms will not break or tear like other similarly designed fish attractors using recyled PVC composites.

Our patended tension-fit branch arm installation ensures reliablity and performance without using mechanical fasteners, retaining clips, or solvent glues.

Our rigid branch arms are snagless and bait hooks fall off the fish attractor without ever sticking the habitat structure.

In addition to being snagless, sturdy and easy to use, the black 4 1/4" wide branch arms increase the amount of shade below the surface creating the ideal fish habitat structure.

Wildlife Conservation

We work with many agencies around the country when it comes to wildlife conservation.  Wildlife Agencies, Conservation Groups, and other non-Profit Organizations – Call (423) 886-7838 for special pricing information.